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Alternative Tour

Clubbing culture and cultural free spaces

Club culture has a special status in Berlin and is certainly unique in this form worldwide. The fall of the Wall has favored the emergence of these places. Many new free spaces in the middle of Berlin made experimentation possible without high fixed costs.

These places have an important cultural function. Safe Spaces are created there for their visitors, they are constantly changing and close relationships with the art scene are cultivated. Every month, for example, the flyers of the Berghain are elaborately designed by changing artists, and on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, an art exhibition was presented there. Even urban development is influenced, for example with the project at Holzmarkt.

And even politicians are slowly discovering that the clubs, in addition to their cultural function, are also an immense economic factor in the city, turning over around 1.5 billion euros a year.
We want to go on a search for clues and look at why the club scene is so important for the city and how it can be appreciated in the future.


Club culture and cultural open spaces is one of my alternative tours.

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