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Neighbourhood Tour

Ernst Thälmann Area in Prenzlauer Berg

The Ernst Thälmann site is a special place in terms of urban development because it represents one of the last major construction projects of the GDR in Berlin. The history of the area begins with the end of the municipal gasworks, which had previously been located on the site. The showcase project was then to be built in the GDR for the 750th anniversary of the city of Berlin. Various cultural uses, a large park, the monemental Ernst Thälmann monument and, above all, housing for 4000 residents were created.
However, we not only look at the history of the area, but also look into the future.
In terms of urban development and culture, it is still an important place in the neighborhood today, where important questions that move Berlin today are negotiated: Housing, redensification and what kind of places are there for the independent cultural scene.

The tour is one of my neighborhood tours.