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Individual tours
in Berlin

by Tobi Allers

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The most popular tours

"Allers knows a lot about history. [...]His city tour "Refugees from a Historical Perspective" places the current refugee issue in a historical framework characterized by repetitive patterns. And that is new." (translated)


"Tobi Allers, with his easy-going manner and enormous general knowledge, succeeds in retelling the history of Berlin in an exciting way for locals and tourists alike."(translated)


"And there is one guide in particular that offers tours around the city with a special twist."


"[...] The Berlin tourist and also the real Berliner learn here a lot of new things about the old and the new history of the city and its art. [...]Stop so very different from the well-known flag holders or Segway scooters."(translated)

Charlotte SimonGrafikdesignerin

"As a Berliner, you rarely get the chance to rediscover your own city. The tour with Tobias Allers was all the more exciting, as he was able to awaken a new perspective on things that I had otherwise only ignored in passing." (translated)

Simon SlamaInformatiker

"An insanely great city tour, which is probably so meaningful for exactly one reason. And that is Tobi Aller's personal, sincere interest in the city of Berlin. Whether it's city history, redevelopment, street art, galleries, or [...] architecture - Tobi knows." (translated)

Ingrid LindStudentin