Individual city tours
in Berlin

by Tobi Allers

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My guests favorite city guided tours

"Allers knows about history. [...] Its "Guided Tour from a Historic Perspective" puts the current fugitive theme in a historical context characterized by repetitive patterns. And this is new.“ (translated)

TagesspiegelDaily Newspaper

"Tobi Allers succeeds with his relaxed nature and an enormous general knowledge, the story of Berlin for locals and tourists alike exciting to tell.“ (translated)

TAZDaily newspaper

"And there is one guide in particular that offers tours around the city with a special twist."


„To go on a tour with Tobi Allers is fun.
He es going through super relaxed through the streets with his group and knows a little story and the historical facts at every corner.
The Berlin tourist and also the real Berliner get to know a lot of the old and new history of the city and his art. Not intellectual questions are always welcome and if you need an ice-cream very urgent it is also ok to make a little stop.
Just completely different from all the flag-holders and segway tours.“

Charlotte SimonGraphik Designer

„As somebody who is born in Berlin it is not very often that you get to reexplore your hometown quite often. The more exciting the tour with Tobias Allers was, who really knew how to get a new perspective on things, which I probably wouldn‘t have seen otherwise."

Simon SlamaComputer scientist

„A relly great tour which was so nice because of one reason: Tobi Allers‘ personel and earnest inte- rest of the city Berlin. No matter if it is the history of the city, reconstruction, street art, galeries or a good taste in architecture - Tobi knows it.
And he has something to say and is open fot a dialogue.
With pleasure always again!“

Ingrid LindStudent